About the Organization

The Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the improvement of language teaching and learning. JALT promotes excellence in language learning, teaching, and research by providing opportunities for those involved in language education to meet, share, and collaborate.

Under our parent NPO JALT, the Teaching Younger Learners SIG is a nonprofit organization whose purposes are to foster research, hold periodic meetings and forums, issue publications, cooperate with interested professional organizations, including other JALT SIGS and Chapters, carry on other activities for those interested in the improvement of the language teaching and learning of young learners (K-12th grade), and contribute to the development of activities in language teaching and learning, social education, and international cooperation.

Officers List

• Coordinator – Grant Osterman
• Membership Chair – Amy Brown
• Program Chair – Martin Sedaghat
• JALT Junior Chair – Mary Virgil
• Treasurer Chair – Paul Nanton
• Publicity Chair – Nicholas J. Wilson
• Social Media Coordinator – Brittny Okahara
• Publications Chair – Kate Sato (Editor)
• Publications Co-Chair – Gaby Benthien
• Website Editor – Nicholas J. Wilson
• Member at Large – Marian Hara
• Member at Large – Marybeth Kamibeppu

Officer Duties and Committees

  1. Coordinator: The Coordinator shall have general responsibility for coordinating the activities of the TYL SIG Executive Board and for directing the affairs of the TYL SIG. She/he shall preside at the TYL SIG Annual Meeting and at other TYL SIG sponsored events. In the absence of the Coordinator, another officer appointed by the Coordinator shall chair the meeting. The Coordinator will serve as liaison to other similar organizations. The Coordinator shall submit an annual report to JALT.
  2. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall keep all financial records and collect and disburse all funds of the TYL SIG. She/he shall present an account of the financial status of the organization at the TYL SIG Annual Meeting and submit regular financial reports to the National SIG Treasurer Liaison. The Treasurer shall prepare the financial documents for an internal audit to take place after the books have been closed at the end of each calendar year.
  3. Program Chair: The Program Chair shall supervise the planning and organizing of all regular and special programs and provide the necessary information to officers of the SIG or other JALT agencies as needed. S/he shall solicit presentation proposals from TYL SIG members and arrange for vetting them where necessary. S/he shall contact and arrange for speakers to present at the JALT International Conference and SIG Forum and actively offer programs to JALT Chapters, special events of JALT, or other L2 educational organizations within and outside of Japan.
  4. Publicity Chair: The Publicity Chair shall foster and coordinate telecommunications (email, Internet, social media) among TYL SIG members and is responsible for the management of TYL SIG’s website. The Chair shall also make efforts to advertise TYL SIG events in a timely manner in conjunction with the Program Chair.
  5. Membership Chair: The Membership Chair shall be responsible for registering and renewing TYL SIG membership, keeping membership information provided by members, maintaining a comprehensive and up-to-date list of the membership, databasing for internal analysis, and forwarding membership information to the appropriate JALT officers. The Membership Chair shall assist the Publicity Chair and Publication Chair as needed for distribution of TYL SIG publications.
  6. Publications Chair: The Publications Chair shall work with the TYL SIG editorial team in editing and publishing at least three regular newsletters or special publications per year.
  7. In addition to the six positions, supporting positions may be instituted to identify other important responsibilities such as Recording Secretary, Website Editor, Social Media Coordinator, Member-at-Large, JALT Junior Site Chair, JALT Junior Program Chair, JALT Junior Facilities Chair, etc. Any number of volunteer officers may work together as a team using titles to reflect this sharing of responsibilities such as Co-Publicity.
  8. Membership on committees appointed by the Coordinator is open to ordinary TYL SIG members. The chair of each committee, however, must be a member of the TYL SIG Executive Board

TYL SIG Constitution proposed Ver. 4