TYL Events

Recent developments of the coronavirus (CoVID 19) and possible impacts on educators and educational institutions have become a bigger concern. Each area is responsible for their final decisions on conferences, but the SIG Executive Committee has been watching the developments.  Considerations of the health and wellbeing of presenters, participants, and associate members as well as the need for professional and academic development and the need for networking are always being taken into account. This is an unprecedented situation and we ask for your understanding.

We are discussing now how to arrange other opportunities for presenting or publishing your contributions, including online forums and journals.  We also have our regular journal The School House for your consideration.

October 3, 2020 Okinawa JALT and TYL SIG Collaboration

Here is our interview with Patrick Jackson. He is our plenary speaker at JALT National this year. Please come and join us in the fun and spend some time privately with the speaker!

Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto (International Teacher Development Institute)