Useful Links

Why do what others do better? A list of other websites where you can find additional resources!

Suggested Websites

Dear SIG Readers, at you can find a wealth of activities and handouts for your young learners.  I have used this site with k-3rd grade classes with great enthusiasm and success.  I hope it will bring much fulfilment to your classes too!

Great YouTube Channels

This is just a collection of some of the best channels you can find on YouTube. If you would like to recommend other channels, please do so through our contact form!

ELF Kids Videos

Lots of great videos for kids ages 2~12. You’ll find lots of songs, phonics, vocabulary, reading videos and more!

Maple Leaf Learning

Songs, vocabulary and reading videos for very young learners (2~7). The use of puppets and short, catchy songs makes this an easy place to start with the little ones.

Dream Kids English

Matt is a children’s teacher and musician who mixes live video, animation and puppets in a way that makes it very easy for the kids to move and sing along. He also has lots of free downloads (music and flashcards) on his website!

Super Simple Songs

Super Simple has been around for a while now and they just keep getting better. A great site for very young learners!