End of School Year Ideas – Sunday, February 27th, 1:00-3:00pm (Online)

The school year is coming to an end.  How can we finish our lessons with fun memories and let our students show off everything they’ve learned?  Please join us for 3 great workshops about ideas and activities for the end of the school year!  The workshops will be followed by a short talk about self-managed professional development, and then a breakout room session for idea sharing, as well as announcements about future TYL events.

Free registration here: https://forms.gle/2sxq5GELZT4rdkAk9



3 x 20 minute workshops on practical ideas to finish the school year with fun (mainly for Preschoolers)


1 x 15 minute talk on self-managed professional development opportunities (by Martin Sedaghat)

1 x 20 minute breakout room session to exchange ideas

1 x 15 minute announcement for future events

Presenter bios and abstracts:

Randall Wallingsford

JALT Yokohama

Born in the U.S. Moved to Japan in 2012. Have been a teacher of preschool and extra-curricular programs for 10 years. 

Currently working at LCA Kokusai Gakuen. Preschool Teacher, curriculum coordinator and teacher trainer. 

Title: The Year-End Presentation

Workshop Description: It is a lot of work and a lot of topics you cover every year as a teacher of young learners. What are ways that we can give the parents and children a presentation that shows the progress and covers material you have taught throughout the year? We will discuss together how we can present ways that are interesting and will give the parents and students a meaningful and memorable experience. Giving an “End Result” will help solidify the education that your students have received this year. 

I look forward to meeting with everyone.

Anastasia Okada

JALT Yokohama / SIG – TYL

Born in Moscow, Russia. Has been teaching English for children and adults in Japan since 2016. CELTA certified.  Currently working at LCA Kokusai Gakuen as an ESL teacher. 

My workshop title: Easy crafts to finish the school year 

Workshop description:

The end of the school year is a very important but busy time for both teachers and learners! I believe that a craft be not only fun and engaging activity for young learners but also a good way to demonstrate parents what they have learnt so far! In my workshop I am going to introduce two crafts that can be suitable for different language levels and might be easily adapted for almost any classroom. Hope to see you online!

Masako Moriwaki

JALT Nagano / SIG – TBT & TYL

Born in Nagano, Japan. Teaching English for children and adults for more than 25 years. Worked as an academic coordinator in a bilingual elementary school / English language school for 10 years in Brazil. Has an extensive experience in EFL curriculum development as well as teacher training. Currently working at LCA Kokusai Gakuen as an academic coordinator on Weekend Program and Elementary school.

My workshop title: Introduction to Padlet – how to share your brilliant work with children with their parents

Workshop description: We know our young students are amazing, always doing their best and interacting with us in English really well. But do their parents really know their wonderful skills? Not always! They say things like ‘my son never uses English at home.’ So why not sharing what they are really doing in class using an interactive bulletin board – Padlet? If you are already using Padlet, I am going to share with you how LCA Weekend Preschool is using it to close the gaps between the school and the parents. Padlet is a powerful tool for TYL teachers in order to show our work as well as to promote meaningful homework at home on students’ part. Let’s have fun with Padlet!

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