JALT Tokyo Chapter x TYL SIG Event

This event, sponsored by Tokyo JALT and the TYL SIG, is for teachers of kids to young adults, so teachers of preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school, are all encouraged to come! As always, there will be great, short presentations and lots of time for discussion and networking.


Here is the line-up of presenters:

Session 1

  • Presenter: Kim Takeda
  • Title: Adapting and Developing Teaching Strategies to Meet the Challenges and Innovations of Teaching English in Japan
  • Abstract:
  • Back in 1988, I was one of the 848 participants selected to become an Assistant Language (English) Teacher in the second year of the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme. Having taught elementary school for 8 years in Los Angeles, I felt well-prepared and ready to teach English to my new students. Well, much to my surprise, English Education in Japan was not exactly what I expected. I had to quickly adjust and revise my teaching strategies to best meet the needs of my students and the Japanese school system. Five prefectures, 50 plus schools, and 33 years later, it’s been interesting watching how English Education in Japan has evolved. I think most of the changes have been extremely positive, but change also brings about new challenges. So, what can teachers of English do to level up their game and prepare themselves for these challenges and innovations? In this presentation, let’s take a look at some of the biggest challenges and innovations in English Education in Japan today. I will be sharing some tips and ideas about how any teacher of English can adapt their current teaching styles and/or develop strategies to meet these challenges.
  • Bio:
  • Kim Takeda is from Los Angeles and has taught for over 40 years, 33 of them being in Japan. She is now teaching English for Global Communication at Keio Yokohama Elementary School which is an affiliate school of Keio University. Before coming to Japan, she taught elementary school for 8 years in Los Angeles and earned her Master’s degree in Humanistic Education. After teaching high school for 13 years in Tottori prefecture, she returned to teaching elementary school and has taught at various elementary schools, including 2 English immersion schools, in Osaka, Shizuoka, and Gunma prefectures. In her free time, Kim enjoys hanging out with her dog Sinbad, live streaming, and watching her favorite shows and movies. She is probably best known at school as the teacher with the most unusual Halloween costumes.

Session 2

  • Presenter: Satomi Miura
  • Title: The importance of incorporating more hands-on activities into our upper level primary school English classes
  • Abstract:
  • After a two-year transition period, a foreign language (English) became a formally assessed subject in primary schools in Japan from April 2020 alongside new textbooks for Year 5 and Year 6. Consequently, the amount and content of English to be learned in upper primary school has increased, resulting in some confusion amongst both teachers and children. Some children even seem to have become demotivated at this early stage of learning an additional language. Amidst all this, educators have become keenly aware of the importance of hands-on or experiential activities. These types of activities allow children to become more engaged with the topics and content being studied while helping them retain knowledge by stimulating multiple areas of the brain. In this presentation, I will introduce some of the activities that have been effective in my classes, including “Let’s Fetch Water!” and “Lap Book Project: Food Chain.”
  • Bio:
  • Satomi Miura has been involved in foreign language activities as a JTE and ALT at elementary schools in Iwate since 1999. Between 2005 and 2006, Satomi studied at Camosun College in Canada, focusing on ESL, psychology, and counseling. She received her Canadian TESL certification in 2006 and was a recipient of that year’s International Student Award. In 2007, Satomi opened her own English conversation school, IE TreeHouse. She is currently an ALT at Hanamaki Board of Education in Iwate, and teaches at four public primary schools. She is also a J-SHINE Trainer and a part-time lecturer at Iwate University.

Session 3

  • Presenter: Nicholas J. Wilson
  • Title: Exploring the World through ICT in Elementary School
  • Abstract:
  • The new English textbooks for elementary schools include units and sections dedicated to foreign countries and cultures. However, these are limited in both content and variety. What if we could empower students with the autonomy to explore the world, and give them the opportunities and skills to research, discover and share the tales of their virtual trips with their classmates? In this presentation I will discuss how a digital approach to foreign language education can help teachers switch roles with their students, and let their curiosity become the fuel for creating engaging and entertaining classes.
  • Bio:
  • Nicholas J. Wilson teaches English in public elementary schools in Nagano. He is also a Google Certified Educator, focused on fostering student’s 21st-century skills through foreign language education. An active JALT officer, Nicholas organizes independent professional development opportunities for ALTs including Agorà, a monthly interactive live event as part of the ALT Training Online grassroots initiative.

Event Type: JALT Event

Online Meeting: Yes

Cost for Jalt Members: Free
Cost for non-Jalt Members: Free

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