PanSIG 2023 – Call for presentation proposals ending soon!

The JALT PanSIG 2023 Conference will take place from May 12th to 14th 2023 at Kyoto Sangyo University (京都産業大学) in Kyoto. It will be a face-to-face event with live broadcast sessions and pre-recorded video presentations.

The theme for PanSIG 2023 is “Looking forward” to sustainable futures in language education. Based on what we have learned through the experiences of recent years, we feel it is time to look forward and focus on what lies ahead, both in terms of expectations and planning. The goal of the conference is to establish and foster connections between people.  We hope to build on the work of other contemporary conferences “(Re)Imagining Language Education” (PanSIG 2022) and “Designing Future Society for Our Lives” (2025 World Expo in Osaka).

Call for Presentation Proposals

The Call for Presentation Proposals for the 22nd JALT PanSIG Conference will be open until January 20th, 2023.

  • The call is open to both JALT and non-JALT members, in Japan or overseas;
  • We especially encourage first-time presenters;
  • Proposals should reflect the aims of the conference and relate to the research area of a specific JALT Special Interest Group (SIG). For more information, check the JALT page at;
  • Abstracts regarding research items or projects which are still incomplete at the time of submission may also be accepted;
  • Abstract writing workshops take place periodically and are open to everyone; check our events page and social networks for dates. Also, please see our page of tips for presentation proposal submissions.
  • We accept submissions in English and Japanese, as well as Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Mandarin-Chinese, Persian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Thai. For proposals submitted in languages other than English, we request a short description of its content in English for vetting purposes.

When you submit your proposal you can choose from the following options:

  1. Face-to-face presentation in Kyoto (25 min.)
    Present at Kyoto Sangyo University on one of the days of the conference. Free WiFi internet connection is available. A great choice for people who want to interact live with the audience.
  2. Online pre-recorded presentation (25 min.)
    Upload a pre-recorded presentation on the Conference’s online platform. It will not be shown at the venue. Instead, the recording will be accessible to all attendees, during, and after the conference.
  3. Interactive poster session (40 min. including Q&A)
    Present a research poster to a live audience at the event.  Posters can be either paper-based or digital (monitor screens available at the venue; here is a photo of the poster session room). Presenters must be on-hand to present and discuss their research throughout the session.
  4. Unvetted SIG Forum (85 Minutes)
    Conditions and deadlines for this category will be sent out directly to SIG Representatives.

Proposal Deadlines

Proposals must be submitted by Friday, January 20, 2023, at 11:59 pm JST. Responses regarding your submissions will be sent via email from mid-February 2023. Those who are requested to revise their submissions will be notified in mid-February, with a revision deadline of mid-March. 

Submitting a Proposal

Presentation Proposals may be submitted from November 30, 2022, through this link (click here to submit your proposal). Please note that this is a new system for us. You cannot log in with details from previous JALT events, so please create a new account for PanSIG 2023. When submitting your proposal, please provide the following information:

  • PRESENTER INFORMATION: Names, affiliations (academic institution or workplace), and email addresses of each presenter;
  • TITLE: No more than 75 characters (40 characters for Japanese and Mandarin-Chinese);
  • RELEVANT SIG: Please specify to which JALT SIG(s) your presentation relates;
  • FORMAT: In-person presentation (25 minutes), online pre-recorded presentation (25 minutes), In-person interactive poster session (40 minutes including Q&A), or Unvetted SIG Forum (85 minutes);
  • ABSTRACT: No more than 200 words in English, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, 400 Japanese characters, 300 words in Thai, 200 words in Persian, and 300 Mandarin-Chinese characters. 
    This will be used for vetting in the selection process and will appear in the conference handbook. Submissions that have fewer than 150 words may be declined for acceptance. For proposals submitted in languages other than English, we request a short description of its content in English for vetting purposes;
  • KEYWORDS: Please list 2-4 keywords to classify your presentation;
  • NOTES: Please indicate any special requests you have for your presentation. (Speakers must supply their own digital devices and any needed adapters).

Number of Presentations Per Person

Each person may only submit one proposal as lead presenter and may only appear in one other proposal as a co-presenter or forum participant. Excess submissions will be deleted if a presenter is listed in more than two proposals. Since the whole proposal, not simply one presenter, will be eliminated, this will result in co-presenters being eliminated as well, even if they have not exceeded the limit for proposals.

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