The JALT Younger Learner Teachers’ Olympic Webinar

JALT Sendai & JALT’s Teaching Younger Learners SIG present “The JALT Younger Learner Teachers’ Olympic Webinar”.

When: Sunday, 18th July 17:00 – 20:00 pm via Zoom

The ultimate goal of the Olympic and Paralympic Games is to build a better world, through encouraging people to persevere and do the best they can, while respecting others and their environment, and by bringing people together in friendship across borders. In this webinar, we hope to mirror these goals and focus on the infinite potential of picturebooks in young learner foreign language education.
Come and join us as we welcome via Zoom, two internationally renowned experts in young learner education; Sandie Mourão, based in Portugal, and David Valente, based in Norway, in the run-up-to the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games, and invite them to open up and share their treasure trove of facts, stories and top tips on how we can begin or improve using the heart-warming and versatile resource, picturebooks, in our classrooms!


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