Workshop for English Teachers of Young Learners – Saturday, September 23, 2023.

Join us in a practical in-person workshop by TYL on September 23rd! The featured speaker is an expert in using a well-known coursebook series by National Geographic Learning for young learners, and the following mini-presentations are packed with practical ideas that can be used from the next day in your classroom. 


Register using this link – by 9/20(Thu)

The location – LCA International Preschool – is very easy to access from JR Aihara Station. There will also be a material display from National Geographic Learning and a forum after presentations for you to connect with other teachers and get personalized advice from the presenters!

For JALT members only, the first 2 parts of the workshop can be broadcast. If you live far away and cannot join the workshop but wish to watch the presentation through online streaming, please complete the following form by 9/22(Sat).

After the workshop, all participants will receive a link to Padlet with past workshop recordings and various resources collected from many talented teachers around Japan.

See you in Sagamihara on September 23rd!

Presentation Information

Yasuko Hirata
Three-Step Lesson Routines with Welcome to Our World by National Geographic Learning

I will be pleased to introduce Welcome to Our World that engages very young learners’ senses, helps them understand diversity, and prepares them to become global citizens with a well-structured step-by-step teaching method. It also includes a lot of interesting contents for teachers to work on with the children including Our World Readers. I hope you will join us and have fun!

Anne Motos
How to Teach Phonics

This presentation aims to focus on how to prevent common phonics teaching mistakes. There will be a discussion of phonics teaching strategies for elementary school students that you might find useful in your classroom.

Marcos Caballero
STEAM Lessons for Young Learners

This presentation will show you how to teach concepts in a more engaging and fun way for young learners. We will discuss how to create easy steam lessons that are appropriate and memorable for our students.

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