JALT PanSIG 2022

PanSIG 2022 Conference will take place face-to-face from July 8th to 10th 2022, with fun social events. The venue of the conference is The University of Nagano (長野県立大学) Miwa Campus.

Registration for the conference is now open on our Edzil.la website.

PanSIG will have limited online events: the four plenaries and the SIG Forums will be live-streamed.

The conference theme is (Re)imagining language education. What is the future of language education in a post-pandemic world? How will we teach, research, and learn languages? What challenges will learners, researchers, and educators meet and overcome? What new connections will be made among learners, educators, and researchers within and beyond our classrooms and communities? The theme connects well with JALT SIGs, and the PanSIG 2022 Conference will be a place where educators, researchers, and learners can re(imagine) our professionalism and academic excellence, thinking about how to help students enhance their learning and share, discuss and engage in research and practice in meaningful ways in the post-pandemic world.

Please note that lunch orders are now open, and close June 14, 2022.

(Please note that the dates for PanSIG 2022 are later than usual. We chose the date to avoid a schedule conflict with a festival in Nagano, which is taking place over May and June in 2022. This change will mean that PanSIG attendees will be able to find affordable hotels and transportation, which was our biggest concern if we were to try to hold PanSIG during the festival.)

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