PanSIG 2022 TYL Sessions

The JALT PanSIG 2022 conference will be held July 8th-10th at the University of Nagano.  This year there will be 9 presentations covering a variety of TYL topics, so we wanted to share with you the titles and presenters.  For summaries of each presentation and further information, please see the PanSIG conference page here:

There will also be a joint forum with the TYL and ICLE SIGs, titled “Intercultural understanding in Japanese schools”, held on Sunday, July 10th, from 11:45 to 13:15.  Information can be found here:

This year’s PanSIG will have some limited online options, with plenaries and forums live-streamed.  The pricing and information for this will be available soon.

Finally, we will also have a table where you can stop by and meet some of our officers.  We hope to see you there!

  • Saturday, July 9th


Bridging Compulsory English Classes from Elementary to Junior High in Japan

Presented by Tamiko Kondo & Grant Osterman


Creative Writing for Young Learners

Presented by Ran Niboshi & Frances Shiobara


Examining Responses to Various Question Types in Picturebook Read-alouds

Presented by Emily MacFarlane


Happily ever after: Post-reading projects for picture books

Presented by Martin Sedaghat


Analysis of Opinions and Intentions in Junior High School Textbooks

Presented by Keiko Nakamura


How to Teach Programming to Young Learners in English

Presented by Amy Braun


Adapting a Model UN for high school EFL students of various levels

Presented by Edward Escobar

  • Sunday, July 10


Interactive Classroom and Students’ Response in Junior High School

Presented by Azusa Matsumoto


Effective use of questioning strategies in active classroom interaction

Presented by Kosuke Hagihara

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